Our Services

Building a New House is such an exciting time!  Why not Let us take the stress away - Let us be a part of your new venture!  We can manage the full aspect of your Plastering. We cover ALL Interior and Exterior Plastering & Painting. 

All we need is a set of Plans and we can provide you with a Free Quotation.  These systems come complete with a Resene Construction Systems Manufacturers 15-year warranty and our 5-year Applicators warranty.

Are you thinking of  Building an extension? Or maybe your  Home is feeling a little tired?  Insurance Claim due to Earthquakes? We can give you some ideas on how to make it as good as new.  If you are wanting to modernize we can offer you different options to meet your taste and budget.

If your Home requires maintenance due to plaster cracks or chip damage, Coastline Plastering can repair any job for you.

Are you looking for a New Exterior look for your Home? or maybe you are a Leaky Home Syndrome Homeowner?

Why not Re-Cladd your Home or Building using some of our best Resene Construction Cladding Systems on today's market.  We are Licensed Building Practitioners with the Experience and knowledge to assist you further. We can also offer you Technical Assistance from our Distributor Resene Construction Systems.




We recommend a House Repaint every 10-12 years as a general rule for maintaining your Exterior Plastered Home. Extra care is required when painting over your texture to ensure the correct System and Preparational work is completed. We can provide you with a 'Render Spec' which gives you a detailed description of how we plan to manage your project.  This covers what system will be used, what products will be used, timeframe of works.  We can also provide you with a Scaffold Quotation if required.

Since ancient times, plaster has been used as an Interior & Exterior wall material.  To this day, it still covers walls in many homes around the world.

Coastline Plastering are trained in working with Earthen Clay and Marrakesh Lime based Plasters.  These are unique, natural based systems which when applied correctly can give you a 'Standout' feature in your Home. We can offer you many different texture finishes: smooth, polished, flat, rough and also many different styles of finish can be achieved by using different trowels, floats, sponges and finishing techniques.  This comes down to your preference.

New Fence, Old Fence or Damaged Fence? - Either way, we can make this look amazing for you.  Whether you are using the Resene Construction Systems Lightweight Concrete Fencing or Plastering over existing/new Brick or Block - We can customise our System to work in with your Design and Vision for your project.  We also Install 75mm Integra Lightweight Concrete Flooring which not only provides a speedy Installation, but offers Impact resistance, Acoustic benefits, Energy Efficiency and Insulation.